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A kidnapping and a race around the world to save Sarkis.

In 1915 Constantinople, Turkey, Armen Begosian is forced to give his newborn son Sarkis to Greek friends to save his life as the Turkish government unleashes its plans to eradicate Christian citizens of Armenian heritage. A jeweler, he also buries a fortune in gems under the tile in the foyer of his house. He and his wife are driven from their home to face an uncertain fate.
A hundred years later, Private Investigator Jenna Paletto gets a call from Sophie Alexakis. Sophie’s husband Sarkis, Armen's grandson, has been kidnapped, and the captors are demanding an old book as ransom. The book turns out to be an ancient family Bible, which holds a map to Armen’s hidden treasure in modern-day Istanbul.
The same morning a young man arrives at Jenna’s office. It's Isaac, the son she gave up for adoption 18 years before.  Jenna’s reeling from his arrival, but she’s in for more surprises. The handoff Jenna sets up to trade Sarkis for the Bible goes horribly wrong and Isaac is also taken by the kidnappers. Jenna and Sophie embark on a dangerous trip with unlikely allies to Istanbul to get Sarkis and Isaac back.
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