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A relic of a tragic past  reaches across time....


Constantinople, Turkey, 1915.
Jeweler Armen Begosian finds that he and his family are about to be swept up in a genocide as the Turkish government unleashes its forces to eradicate Christian citizens of Armenian heritage. Armen and his wife are forced to give their newborn son Sarkis to Greek friends in order to save his life.
But Armen has a secret. He's buried a fortune in gems under the tile in the foyer of his house, with the hope he
and his wife can return to reclaim it.
More than a hundred years later, Armen's grandson Sarkis is kidnapped in California.  Can an old  bible lead Private Investigator Jenna Paletto to both the victim and the treasure?
SAVING SARKIS is a thriller about murder, hidden treasure, kidnapping and a shameful history of atrocities.
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